The 1000 sq. ft. Heart and Soul studio was completed March of 2002.  It was built with a lot of easy fluidity.  The builder said that the foundation laid out in perfect alignment the very first time, which is very unusual.


The sub-floor system put in was specially picked out for its resilient give, diminishing stress on the skeletal structure for standing poses and pose flows. There is also a special thick pad beneath the wood floor for softer floor support.


The studio faces east, significant for aligning with the rising of the sun (sun = rising consciousness).  Plenty of windows for letting in cleansing, purifying light ('enlightenment').


The colors were picked for their healing properties.  Interior yellow/gold for healing and protection and exterior green for blending with the environment, healing between the physical world and the spiritual world.


Personal Retreat Space

In need of quiet, gentle time to rejuvenate, restore or get perspective on your spiritual path? Our Personal Retreat Space is a magical space for 1-2 persons seeking simplicity & harmony with 1.5 bathrooms, spacious upstairs bedroom, sitting area, mini kitchen nook, several decks (including an observation deck) and wooded grounds for communing with nature.


The Heart and Soul Yoga studio is located on F.M. 3009, 3/10 of a mile east of 1863. There's a white mailbox with the number 28060 on it. You can't see the studio from the road, but you will see it on your right after turning into the dirt driveway.  Each map opens a new window.


Heart and Soul Yoga Studio

28060 FM 3009

San Antonio, TX 78266

(210) 347-7512